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Reserve a BoatBoats for You is a place where you can relax and enjoy a fun day on the water on a variety of lakes in Southeastern Wisconsin. Pewaukee Lake is one of our major rental attractions and we have prepared some safe rental experience tips for you to keep in mind. Other lakes we service include, Nagawicka, Okauchee, Lac La Belle, Lake Geneva and Delavan.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Practice Common Sense:

Due to the amount of boat traffic, we suggest you follow some simple rules:

  • Operate the boat at a safe speed at all times and obey the Slow No Wake Buoys.
  • Be alert and steer clear of boats and water craft that are not moving such as fishing boats as they are restricted in their ability to get out the way quickly. They also may have fishing lines cast that may interfere with propellers.
  • Be respectful and alert of non-motorized water craft such as sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. This traffic can get heavy at times and you want to make sure to steer clear of their paths.

Bring Your Own Food and Bring Your Own Beverages:

  • One of our unique amenities is that guests may enjoy a floating picnic with friends and loved ones. Make sure you come prepared to enjoy the occasion with plenty of food and drink to go around!

Bring Along the Sunscreen:

  • Depending on the weather, sunscreen is always a great idea! UV rays are harmful and maximized while on the water it is important to also remember a hat and shades.

Bring Along Your Music:

  • We encourage our guests to come equipped with their own music or we also provide music via our sound system on the boat. Whatever you prefer, music definitely adds to the overall experience!

Lifejackets are Provided:

  • We understand that not all passengers will feel comfortable on the water so we provide lifejackets for those who may not know how to swim or are nervous. Children are required to wear lifejackets at all times.

All in all Boats For You wants to you to have the very best boating experience on any of the lakes we service. Check out local attractions in the area you visit as well. Have a blast boating!!

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